Transcribed from this Brantford Expositor article

The 63rd annual Kiwanis Music Festival wrapped up Friday night with a Stars of the Festival concert at New Convenant Christian Fellowship Church on Holiday Drive.

The Richard Blaha Memorial Silver Tray for the best overall performance was awarded to violinist Laila Haight.


Following are other trophy winners:


W. Ross Macdonald Trophy - Associate, Emilee-Mae Feely; Markwell J. Perry Trophy -Grade 10, Ellen Vollebregt; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Trophy, EllenVollebregt; R. L. Houlding Trophy, Emilee-Mae Feely; Angus Jewellers Trophy, Naomi Kroesbergen; Hagey Trophy, BenMoon; MaryC. O'Grady Memorial Trophy, Ellen Vollebregt; Nell A. Paling Memorial Trophy, Ben Moon; Emma Robison Memorial Trophy, Tatyana Palmer; Sylvia Skomorowski Trophy, Samantha Colaiacovo.


Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Trophy, Kendra Oudyk.


Donna Chapin Crystal Rose Bowl, Krystal Da Silva-Lyons; Keighley's Jewellers Junior Rose Bowl, Kimberley-Rose Pefhany; Holton Trophy, Laura McConachie; Muriel King Memorial Trophy, Bianka Da Silva-Lyons; Marion Broughton Memorial Trophy, Mariella Decle; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Trophy, Mariella Decle; George A. Smale Memorial Plaque, Zachary Vander Meulen; Irene Nagy Memorial Trophy, Kimberley-Rose Pefhany.


"Wolf Spirit" (Hernandez Voice Studio), B. J. Carlos; "Wolves in Song" (The Williamson Group), Emily Pynenburg; Brant Men of Song Plaque, Starr Sensations.


Dorothy Lord Memorial Plaque, Grace Free Reformed Youth Choir.


Ivone De Marchi Trophy Associate, Laila Haight; Dr. Grant Honeyman Memorial Trophy -Grade 10, Melissa Haley; Honeyman Family Trophy, Eslin McKay; Walter Babiak Conductor's Trophy, David Rose; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Trophy, Isabel Skeffington; Little String Orchestra Trophy, Strings on Fire ; Brant Naval Veterans' Association Trophy, Mikayla Martorano; Brant Suzuki String School Trophy, Hilary Mann; Virginia Little Trophy, Emma Morrison; Douglas and Joyce Robertson Trophy, Holly Collver; Telfer Place Trophy, Lily Stevenson; RiverView Terrace Trophy, Elyse Varney; Little String Orchestra 30th Anniversary Trophy, Zach Haight.


Expositor Trophy, Emilee- Mae Feely; Nell A. Paling Memorial Trophy, Georgia East; Waterloo Music Company Limited Trophy, Emilee-Mae Feely; Brantford School of Instrumental Music Trophy, Emilee-Mae Feely; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Trophy, Carolyn Felker; Lefebvre and Lefebvre Trophy, Arie Sinke.


Pat Feely's Guitar Academy Senior Trophy, Evan Campbell; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Junior Trophy, Kristian Del Cantero; Advance Printing Trophy, Dominik Dabrowski; The Brantford Music Centre Trophy, Paul- Mark DiFrancesco; LA Music Trophy, Nathan Godfree; Friends of the Guitar Concert Series Trophy, Skyler Saracuse; Birdseye Instrumental Works Trophy, Braemar Gathering.


The following students have been recommended for the Ontario Music Festival Association provincial finals competition in June in Peterborough:


Grade 8, Ben Moon; Grade 9, Ellen Vollebregt; Grade 10, Laila Haight and Rebecca Orsini; Diploma, Emilee-Mae Feely, Bryn Blackwood and Naomi Kroesbergen (alternate).


Grade 7 , Sydney Trotter; Grade 10, Zachary Vander Meulen.


Junior (Ages 12 -14), B. J. Carlos, Mariella Decle and Ariel Bean (alternate); Intermediate ( 15 -16), Ciara Jones and Emily Miller; Senior ( 17 -19)

Natasha Melfi. Emily Pynenburg and Bianka Da Silva-Lyons (alternate); Advanced (20 - 28),Kate Szostak.


Grade 9, Emma Morrison; Diploma, Laila Haight and Eslin McKay.


Grade 7, Kayla Althouse and William Liu; Grade 8, Wes Palladini, Nancy Song and Alida Del Signore (alternate); Grade 9, Evan Campbell.


Following are this year's festival award winners:


Ariel Bean, Jonathan Bean, Bryn Blackwood, Jacob Boyington, Brittany Clayton, Samantha Colaiacovo, Meg Coyle, Emilee- Mae Feely, Laila Haight, Stuart Hamilton. Victoria Hendsbee, Calvin Hutten, Caitlin Johnston., Naomi Kroesbergen, Laura Kwiecinski, Timothy McDougald, Ben Moon, Emma Morrison, Rebecca Orsini, Theresa Orsini, Alanna Palmer, Tatyana Palmer, Bennett Perras, Kendra Perras, Lyndon Rey, Henri Romel, Victoria Ruggiero, Tony Ryu, Elizabeth Vogel, Ellen Vollebregt, Paige Zimmel.


Adam Baranski, Felicia Cammock, Kimberly Foekens, Rhianna Grant, Ito Matsuda, Kendra Oudyk, Alexander Rey, Summer Sakaluk, Joshua Ticsay.


Alysson Cooper, Bianka Da Silva-Lyons, Krystal Da Silva- Lyons, Ines Kowal, Laura McConachie, Kimberley-Rose Pefhany, Kate Szostak, Luke Tamminga, Sydney Trotter, Raquel Vander Meulen, Zachary Vander Meulen, Melina Zaccaria.


Ariel Bean, Jonathan Bean, B. J. Carlos, Bianka Da Silva- Lyons, Mariella Decle, Laura Hendsbee, Taylor Hubbard, Taya Humpartzoomian, Ciara Jones, Natasha Melfi, Emily Miller, Emily Pynenburg, Rain Richardson, Kate Szostak, Elizabeth Zuwala.


Gabrielle Camirand, Natalie Cross, Cecilia Eivers, Laila Haight, Zach Haight, Melissa Haley, Jonathan Harley, Hilary Mann, Mikayla Martorano, Eslin McKay, Emma Morrison, David Rose, Mary Elizabeth Rose, Stephanie Sim, Isabel Skeffington, Lily Stevenson, Elyse Varney, Zachary Zona.


Emilee-Mae Feely, Arie Sinke.


Kayla Althouse, Evan Campbell, Dominik Dabrowski, Kristian Del Cantero, Paul-Mark DiFrancesco Nathan Godfree, William Liu, Wes Palladini.