Transcribed from this Brantford Expositor article

Pianist Rebecca Qiu won the Richard Blaha Memorial Silver Tray and award at the 69th annual Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival, which concluded May 8 with the Stars of the Festival concert at New Covenant Church.

She also won the W. Ross Macdonald Trophy for piano associate.

Honourable mention for the Blaha award went to vocalist Katie Cox, who won the Keighley's Jewellers Junior Rose Bowl for voice, aged 19 and younger. And she was the winner of the festival’s inaugural Voice award.

Pianist Paige Zimmel won the Alumni Award.

Following are the other senior trophy winners:

GUITAR: Guitar Society of Brantford Senior Trophy: Kristian Del Cantero.

PIANO: W. Ross Macdonald Trophy, Rebecca Qiu; Markwell J. Perry Trophy, Grade 10: Suzy (Junli) Wang.

STRINGS: Dr. Grant Honeyman Memorial Trophy, Grade 10: Elyse Varney; Yvone DeMarchi Trophy: Maya Gorodskoy.

CLASSICAL VOICE: Donna Chapin Crystal Rose Bowl: Joachim Verdonk.

Here’s a complete list of trophy winners:

Karen Argo, Kristian DelCantero, Rebecca Qiu, Olivia Arva, Nathan Devereaux, Max Storjohann, Fiona Bechtold, Jordan DeVries, Christine Sutcliffe, Jaime Boyington, Lina Elsaadi, Elyse Varney, Ward Brownell, Sarah Ferrell, Joachim Verdonk, Allison Brownlee, Carlie Goodall, Annika Wahtras, Benjamin Cameron, Maya Gorodskoy, Suzy (Junli) Wang, Myah Ciommo, Alex Jonker, Paige Zimmel, Emily Clayton Ines Kowal, Cedar Strings Ensemble, Katie Cox, Charlotte LaPointe, Guitar Society of Brantford Sr. Ensemble, Logan Culp, Daniel Lee, Jillian Davis, Tatyana Palmer, Davis Family Ensemble, Rehoboth Junior Band.

Here is a list of award winners:

Olivia Arva, Maya Gorodskoy, Rebecca Qiu, Aryn Bains, Mitchell Higgins, Rehoboth Junior Band, Fiona Bechtold, David Huang, Sabrina Reid-Smith, Jaime Boyington, Ying Ying Huang, James Renwick, Myah Ciommo, Alex Jonker, Wesley Schuyler, Emily Clayton, Gavin Joseph, Logan Snair, Katie Cox, Bethany Kerr, Reade Snair, Logan Culp, Willem Klunder, Emma Storjohann, Andrea Daley, Ines Kowal, Alexander Bannister, Jillian Davis, Charlotte LaPointe, Max Storjohann, Kristian DelCantero, Isabella Lauer, Christine Sutcliffe, Jordan DeVries, Daniel Lee, Joshua Ticsay, Danielle Doucette, Storm Lussier, Kaydn Vandersar, Melanie Dreher, Markie Martorano, Elyse Varney, Eric Eigler, Tatyana Palmer, Emma Verdonk, Gabrielle Eivers, Malina Pappert, Annika Wahtras, Sarah Ferrell, Anna Pasila, Suzy (Junli) Wang, Spring Fu, Isabel Pasila, Stephanie Wong, Nicklas Gaite, Kendra Perras, Olivia Yu, Carlie Goodall, Nicole Purificati, Paige Zimmel.