Transcribed from this Brantford Expositor article.

Violinist Joseph Lee of Hamilton won the Richard and Virginia Blaha Memorial Silver Tray as the top overall performer at the 71st annual Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival, which concluded May 2 with the Stars of the Festival concert at St. Andrew’s United Church. Lee also won the Little Strings Orchestra Trophy. Following are other senior trophy winners: James Renwick, Guitar Society of Brantford Senior Trophy; Kendra Perras, Markwell J. Perry Trophy for piano; Daniel Lee, Dr. Grant Honeyman Memorial Trophy for strings; Jacob Davis, Keighley’s Jewellers Junior Rose Bowl for voice; Ying Ying Huang, W. Ross Macdonald Trophy for piano; and Jillian Davis, Donna Chapin Crystal Rose Bowl for voice. Davis, of Mount Pleasant, also was presented with the Voice award, which recognizes excellence in classical voice and music theatre disciplines.

Here’s a list of trophy winners: Douglas and Joyce Robertson Trophy, Olivia Meic-Hotte; Emma Robison Memorial Trophy, Hannah Martin; Brant Naval Veterans’ Association Trophy, Fletcher Simmons; Telfer Place Trophy, Allison Kim; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Junior Trophy, Tatyana Zebroski; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Piano Trophy, David Huang; River View Terrace Trophy, Thomas Lee; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Trophy (Strings), Eila O’Neil; Diana Dumlavwalla Trophy, Eric Eigler; Exposure to the Arts Trophy, Simon Klunder; Grand River Chorus Trophy, Massimo DiFelice; Little String Orchestra 30th Anniversary Trophy, Cecilia Pollock; Sylvia Skomorowski Trophy, Eric Eigler; The Brantford Music Centre Trophy, Julianna Olave; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Trophy – Graded, Catherine Rocchi; LA Music Trophy, Baie McFadden; Nell A. Paling Memorial Trophy, Charlotte LaPointe; The Pat Feely’s Guitar Academy Trophy, Baie McFadden; Virginia Little Trophy, Fiona Bechtold; Hagey Trophy, Melina Pappert; Mary C. O’Grady Memorial Trophy, Willem Klunder; Walter Babiak Conductor’s Trophy, Stephanie Sim; Brant Suzuki String School Trophy, Peggy Mantel; Wolf Spirit, Isabella Lauer; Angus Jewellers Trophy, Maja MacNeil Soltysiak; Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival Trophy, Jillian Davis; George A Smale Memorial Plaque, Mitchell Emrich; Muriel King Memorial Trophy, Jillian Davis; R. L. Houlding Trophy, Maja MacNeil Soltysiak; The Honeyman Family Trophy, Jillian Davis; The Voice, Jillian Davis; Henry Clark Trophy, Jacob Davis; Wolves in Song, Jacob Davis; Birdseye Instrumental Works Trophy, Predojevic 3; Brant Men of Song Plaque, Ciommo Trio; Little String Orchestra Trophy, Davis Trio.

Brantford Symphony Orchestra performers

Following are musicians who earned a spot performing with Brantford Symphony Orchestra: Isabella Lauer, Jordan Goodridge, Jillian Davis and Michael John Hernandez

Award winners

Here is a list of award winners: Tristan McWilliams, Classical Voice; Tao Muniz, Music Theatre; Hannah Martin, Piano; Nathaniel Healy, Strings; Olivia Meic Hotte, Strings; Isabelle Gao, Graded Piano; Liza Semiwolos, Music Theatre; Declan Joseph, Strings; Veronica Predescu, Graded Piano; Sarah Oh, Piano; Stuart Eigler, Piano; Allison Kim, Strings; Cecilia Pollock, Strings; Tiana Peeler, Strings; Ethan Russell, Graded Piano; Tatyana Zebroski, Guitar; David Huang, Piano; Emily Alway, Piano; Annaliese Gadsby, Strings; Kelly Mantel, Strings; Myah Ciommo, Strings; Shanna Austria, Strings; Sofia Arva, Strings; Thomas Lee, Strings; Isabella Eyre, Classical Voice; Massimo DiFelice, Classical Voice & Music Theatre; Jacob Alway, Graded Piano; Julianna Olave, Guitar; Jaylen Bradley, Music Theatre; Eric Eigler, Piano; Simon Klunder, Piano; Andrew Warder, Strings; Daniel Lee, Strings; Hannah Rodgers, Strings; Catherine Rocchi, Graded Piano; Taif Ali, Graded Piano; Veronica Larrazabal, Graded Piano; Baie McFadden, Guitar; Charlotte LaPointe, Piano; Gavin Joseph, Piano; Henry Liu, Piano; Fiona Bechtold,Strings; Max Storjohann, Strings; Natalia Sciberras, Strings; Jayden Hsiao, Piano; Kendra Perras, Piano; Melina Pappert, Piano; Willem Klunder, Piano; Joseph Lee, Strings; Isabella Lauer, Classical Voice & Music Theatre; Justus Alexander, Graded Piano; Jordan Goodridge, Music Theatre; Rachel Riddell-Greenwood, Music Theatre; Jaden Hamstra, Music Theatre; Jeriann Hsiao, Piano; Jerram Germain, Piano; Kelly Huynh, Piano; Maya MacNeil Soltysiak, Piano; YingYing Huang, Piano; Jillian Davis, Strings, Classical Voice, Music Theatre; Alison Baxter, Graded Piano; Jacob Davis, Classical Voice & Music Theatre; Bill Kirby, Music Theatre.

Sesquicentennial awards

To celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial, the festival featured special competitions and awards in each of the piano, classical voice, music theatre, strings and guitar disciplines. Participants in the Canadian composer classes in each disciplines were eligible for a special award as determined by the discipline adjudicator. The winners (and their pieces and composer) are: Piano, Melina Pappert – Metamorphosis by Joanne Bender; Classical Voice, Isabella Eyre - The Cat and the Moon by Ronald A. Beckett; Music Theatre, Jacob Davis - Helsinki from This Could Be Love by B. Simpson; Strings – Olivia Meic-Hotte - The Tooth Fairy by Christine Donkin; Guitar – Baie McFadden - Midnight in Sevilla by Jeffrey McFadden