Information for participants, a chronology

For help with any of the following contact us by email.


Registration is open until March 1, 2019.

Mail this registration form (pdf) to the address shown.

Fees are assessed for each class entered, as per the syllabus, typically $20-$30 per class. Online registration or payment is not currently available, sorry!


Starting on March 1, our expert registrar-volunteers will enter the registration forms into a database.

Within a few weeks, an email will be sent to each participant and teacher, with a URL to access this database. This database record initially includes your contact information and registered classes. For teachers, it includes access to all their students. Please check it immediately after receipt and let us know if something is wrong.

Over the next few weeks, a the complete festival schedule is assembled by our team of expert scheduler-volunteers. The date/time/venue of each class will show up on the same personal URL. There is also a festival-wide schedule and a general news page available for viewing.

We will announce when a tentative final schedule is ready. In exceptional cases, we may need to make further changes; we will try to notify affected individuals directly. Please keep checking as the festival dates get closer.

This is also a good time for you to arrange for an accompanist / collaborative pianist if your discipline/piece requires one.


When the festival begins on April 29, please observe the rules and the schedule. Generally, come 15 minutes or more before your scheduled time. If you bring family to watch, they may need to pay a small per-day per-adult fee ($2), or else purchase a family pass for the week ($10). If you have a prepaid family pass, please print it off from your personal data URL. Feel free to record your own performance, and to quietly observe and support other performers.

Your adjudication, and any winning/placement ribbons will be issued immediately. Your scores will appear shortly on the same personal URLs, as well as on the festival-wide schedule (for top three participants only). It's a good idea to verify those right away.

Trophy competition

A small number of senior performers will be invited to compete at the Trophy Competition on the following Saturday evening. A handful of the most prestigious trophies are decided at this time by the adjudicators. Audience attendance at this event is free.

Stars of the Festival show

A week or two later, a small number of performers and all the award & trophy winners will be invited to come to a 90-minute closing show. Check your email spam/junk folders and your personal data URL. The general public is welcome to the show too! It's a great opportunity to photograph and commemorate their achievements. There is a similar attendance fee as for the festival competition. Trophy winners get to take their trophies home for a year, and award winners get to deposit some cheques!

After the festival ← we are here

We are eager to collect your photographs and recordings, the best of which may show up at the annual multimedia gallery pages. Send them in via email to

Trophy return

The following spring, a few months before the next festival, we will contact trophy winners to get them returned so we can prepare to pass them to the next year's winners. All winners of all trophies will remain listed at this trophy history page (once we finish filling in the history).

See you next year!