An event such as the Brant Music Festival runs mostly on volunteers' efforts. We are gratefully collecting their names/roles below. (Please let us know of any we have accidentally overlooked!)


  • Chair: Naomi Wratten
  • Treasurer: Douglas Brown
  • Accountant, Auditor: Scott Chapin
  • Board Secretary: Katie Walshaw
  • Technical Support: Frank Eigler
  • Marketing: Amy Hill

Board, Discipline Heads

  • Piano, Graded Piano: Naomi Wratten
  • Strings: Jennifer Canning
  • Voice, Musical Theatre: Katie Walshaw
  • School and Community Choirs and Bands: Katie Walshaw, Charlie Henderson
  • Brass and Woodwinds: Charlie Henderson


  • Recording Secretary, Admin: Laura DeVries


  • Smith & Woltz Foundation
  • Blaha Family
  • Lall Family
  • Scott Chapin
  • Joan Heels
  • Brantford Kiwanis Club
  • Paris Optimist Club
  • Brant Steel Products
  • Rotary Club of Brantford
  • Richard and Carol Verity
  • Rosalyn Dargie
  • Martin Sarkissian, Sutton Team Realty
  • Beckett-Glaves Family Funeral Centre
  • Brantford Music Club
  • Orland Harrison
  • Randy MacKenzie
  • Anna Pasila
  • Elina Girish Chaudhari
  • Laura Zhou
  • County of Brant
  • City of Brantford